Test Cases for Android Apps (Test Cases Regarding Storage)

Posted: October 4, 2017 in Android, Test cases
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Test Cases for Android Apps (Test Cases Regarding Storage):

a) Storage/Cache (verification points)

Go to the Device>Settings> App>

Here, all the Downloaded apps will be listed. It will show the location of app whether its Downloaded on internal memory, SD Card or currently in Running status.

Test Cases for category a):

1. Verify how much memory space (internal/SD Card) occupied by app.

(Occupied space shown just below the App name.)

2. Click on the app> it will redirect to the ‘App Info’ page

(I) we can verify here whether the App name and App version is as per the requirement

(ii) Under ‘Storage’ section:

a) Verify the ‘Total’ space occupied by the App, it should be as per the requirement

b) Verify ‘App’ storage, it should be as per the requirement

c) USB storage app: verify whether it occupies the space as expected

d) Data: verify whether the app uses the defined limit of data while running

e) SD Card: If app is installed in SD Card, very that app occupy as per the expected space

f) Cache: verify that cache space should be as expected (notice the behavior of app if cache space exceeded)

b ) App Storage

Test Cases for category b)

1.On installing the app into device, it should occupy the expected space

2.On moving app to SD Card, it should release the internal memory

3.On uninstalling the app from the device, it should released all the occupied memory (saved files that contain games level, application setting etc should be released)

4.If cache exceeded from expected memory, check the behaviour of app

5.If app provide the upgrade option (like Skype, Facebook etc) then check whether app provide the details of the size which it suggest for upgrading (if device memory will be less and we start upgrading then check whether app prompt the message regarding less memory or app crashes out)

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