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Monkey Talk is a functional testing tool for mobile applications. It supports android and iOS platforms. It supports iOS 4.0 or greater and Android 2.2 or greater.

Monkey Talk has three components which are as follows:

  • MonkeyTalk IDE – It is used  for record/playback of test scripts
  • MonkeyTalk Agent – It is a library that must be added to enable the testing. There are different agents for different platform i.e. for android and iOS. The agents enable applications to record and play MonkeyTalk Commands.
  • MonkeyTalk scripts – Scripts contains the all the actions. With the help of scripts we can test the overall functionality of an app. MonkeyTalk scripts can be written in three forms that are,
  • o   In JavaScript form
  • o   In tabular form (i.e. in different cells)
  • o   In MonkeyTalk form (In single line format, one line considered as a one command)

Features and benefits:

  • It is open source tool i.e. it is free to download and free to use.
  • It is a powerful complete functional testing tool.
  • Same script can be used on both android and iOS of an app i.e. record on iOS and playback on Android and vice versa.
  • MonkeyTalk is simple and easy to learn.
  • MonkeyTalk scripts can be understood by average person.
  • No expertise required in programming.
  • Both phones and tablets are supported, either tethered or over the network.
  • MonkeyTalk scripts can be easily extended, even by non-programmers, with custom user-defined commands. (Keyword-driven scripts)
  • It supports looping concept. Any command can be looped using csv file. (Data-driven scripts)
  • Both Html and xml reports can be generated with this tool. Generally, test suites output the standard XML report and it captures the screenshot when failure occurs.

Installing MonkeyTalk:

Download MonkeyTalk Zip file from”” and simply unzip the file on your Pc.